KiKi Holli’s Musical Diary of Hope and Connection

Los Angeles indie-pop vocalist KiKi Holli creates stunning and soulful music woven with intricate emotive storytelling for a truly captivating and cathartic listening experience with an eclectic musical aesthetic. Holli draws on inspiration from her rich theatrical background, as well as from iconic artists such as PRINCE, Dusty Springfield, The Cure, Bowie, Stevie Nicks and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Crafting a unique sound, KiKi Holli’s music is beautifully vulnerable and nurturing, with themes of connection, healing, personal growth, and living in the moment. If her delivery seems genuine—empathetic even—that’s because it is. She’s been there.

Her music is a blend of vulnerability and nurturing, exploring themes of connection, healing, personal growth, and living in the moment. Holli’s authentic delivery stems from her own life experiences.

KiKi Holli made her debut with a breathtaking cover of Roxy Music’s “More Than This,” an intimate rendition that reflected her journey through intense grief and loss. Collaborating with Grammy-nominated producer Ethan Allen (known for his work with Throwing Muses, Tricky, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), she ventured into her own version of the song.

Her first original song, “NEW HIGH” has soaring vocals with sunshine-dipped melodies over lush and blissful pop rock soundscapes. The track received praise from the likes of Earmilk, Atwood Magazine and Buzzbands who proclaimed it “a day-brightener in which her crystalline vocals ooze optimism with every note”.

“Play To Lose” explores leaving toxic relationships, finding one’s voice, and regaining confidence. Grimy Goods says “KiKi Holli shines a radiant light on the kind of euphoniously-groovy energy that permeates her songs…delivered via her honey-dipped vocals and the song’s gilded instrumentals.” -Steven Ward

Her single, “Sun Playing Tricks,” is a sultry fever dream in a mirage of lost love. It was praised by Rolling Stone, saying, “KiKi Holli delivers a performance of great beauty.”

Her latest release, “PRETTY BOYS,” is a dance anthem that transcends genres, appealing to music lovers of all backgrounds. KiKi says, “I see this song as nod to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s about finding your strength and power in that community, in friendship and on the dance floor.” KiKi Holli’s signature vocals soar over thumping basslines and energetic synth hooks, inviting listeners to embrace self-expression and confidence. The lyrics explore themes of attraction, allure & self-empowerment, encouraging everyone to be their own version of a “Pretty Boy.”

KiKi Holli says, “It matters what you think of yourself not how the world defines what a pretty boy may or may not be.”

Produced by Grammy nominated producer Ethan Allen, “PRETTY BOYS” boasts a production quality that’s as impressive as it is innovative. 

With a new album in the works, KiKi Holli creates relatable music that culminates into a diary of hope for listeners across the globe. 

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Holli was drawn to the arts from an early age, with her passions gravitating towards music and theater. Subsequently, she found solace in these disciplines and later earned her BFA in voice and theater for further exploring her unique talents. In addition to being a trained vocalist, Holli also grew up playing the guitar, saxophone and viola. Theatrically she has appeared on stage in the plays Of Mice and MenThree Sisters and Twelfth Night, and also played the lead role in the Rocky Horror-channeling indie film Isle of Lesbos, celebrated by Swampflix as “a politically angry, deliberately offensive, post-John Waters, queer-as-f*ck movie musical with deep roots in drag & cabaret traditions.” 

Most notably, Holli co-wrote and starred in Forever DustyThe Dusty Springfield Musical, a stage musical based on the life of British pop star Dusty Springfield. The production opened off-Broadway in 2012 at New World Stages in New York, garnering coverage from The Village Voice, Reuters, The New York Times and Out Magazine. From there, the play went on to run in Los Angeles and London, as well as other cities in the U.S. and U.K.

You can connect with KiKi Holli on Instagram @kikihollirock and Twitter @kikihollimusic