Luxinous is bringing all kinds of healing smoke

Luxinous a smudge company in North Carolina just relaunched on June 1st of this year and they are bringing to the market what the owner calls “healing smoke.”

When you hear the term healing smoke what comes to mind? Have you ever heard of the term healing smoke? Well healing smoke is a term used by Karema McGhee the owner of Luxinous. Karema explains that healing smoke is the use of herbs, resins, incense and candles to atomize the medicinal benefits of such herbs so that its molecules can interacts with the brain and respiratory system for either therapeutic and or physiological benefits.

Healing smoke is only created by burning herbs, resins or essential oils that when inhaled are received and processed by the olfactory organs and can affect the brain and other systems within the body.

For those of you who are not accustomed or opposed to smudging as a ceremonial custom, using healing smoke as an alternative or complementary wellness option can assist with calming the mind, be a meditation assistant and help with overall mindfulness.

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