Mary Millben’s Touching Moment with Prime Minister Modi

American singer Mary Millben recently captured hearts when she touched the feet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after delivering a soul-stirring rendition of India’s national anthem, Jana Gana Mana. Her performance took place during an invitation-only event hosted by the United States Indian Community Foundation (USICF) as part of the official State Visit of the Prime Minister.

Mary Millben, a prominent African-American Hollywood actress and singer, showcased her immense talent and reverence for India’s culture by singing the Indian national anthem at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC. The event was attended by distinguished guests and was organized to honour Prime Minister Modi during his State Visit.

Expressing her gratitude and enthusiasm for the opportunity, Mary Millben shared her thoughts before the performance. She expressed her deep honor in performing the Indian national anthem for Prime Minister Modi and emphasized the strong bond she feels with the Indian people, referring to them as her family. Having previously performed the American national anthem for four consecutive US presidents, she recognized the significance of both anthems in representing the ideals of democracy and freedom.

Mary Millben recognized the connection between the American and Indian anthems, symbolising the shared values of democracy and freedom. She eloquently described these shared ideals as the true essence of the US-India relationship, emphasizing that a nation can only be considered free when its people are free.

Prime Minister Modi’s spiritual aura and deep-rootedness in Indian values and culture have garnered immense respect worldwide. This sentiment was further exemplified during his visit to Papua New Guinea, where the nation’s Prime Minister touched his feet as a mark of respect. Similar gestures were observed as Prime Minister Modi departed the country, with individuals bowing and touching the ground in front of him. The Prime Minister reciprocated their gestures by bowing with folded hands, acknowledging their respect and humility.