Meet Allison Stokke: Her Sports Achievements, Personal Life, and Beyond

Allison Stokke, known for her success as a pole vaulter and fitness model, is married to professional golfer Rickie Fowler. Despite their public careers, the couple prefers to keep their personal lives private. Stokke’s unwavering support for her husband is evident on social media, where she frequently expresses her love and admiration for him. Let’s delve into the life of Allison Stokke and her journey alongside Rickie Fowler.

From Athletics to Fitness Modeling

Raised in Newport Beach, California, Stokke excelled as a pole vaulter during her high school and college years. She attended Newport Harbor High School and later joined the track and field team at the University of California, Berkeley. Stokke broke records and achieved remarkable success in pole vaulting. Following her collegiate career, she continued to participate in the sport for fitness brands such as GoPro, Nike, and Athleta.

The Viral Sensation

In 2007, Stokke unintentionally gained viral fame when photos of her pole vaulting circulated online. The attention she received, mostly from male-dominated sports blogs, took a toll on her privacy and subjected her to objectification. Stokke candidly addressed the unwanted attention, expressing her disappointment with the demeaning and disrespectful comments she received. Despite the challenges, she remained focused on her athletic achievements.

A Love Story: Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke

Rickie Fowler, a successful professional golfer, and Stokke began dating in 2017. They made their relationship public with social media posts, sharing glimpses of their shared adventures and love for one another. Fowler proposed to Stokke in 2018, and the couple tied the knot in October 2019 during an intimate beach wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Image Credit: Instagram @allisonstokke

The Arrival of Maya and Family Support

In November 2021, Fowler and Stokke welcomed their first child, a daughter named Maya. The couple joyfully introduced their newborn daughter to the world, expressing their gratitude and love. Stokke’s Instagram posts reveal her devotion as a mother and her pride in watching Fowler bond with their daughter. Their family moments, captured at the US Open and other golf events, showcase the tight-knit bond shared by the trio.

Supporting Fowler’s Golf Career

Stokke wholeheartedly supports Fowler in his professional endeavors. She frequently accompanies him to tournaments and shares their experiences on social media. From attending the Masters tournament to caddying for Fowler during the Par 3 Contest, Stokke stands by her husband’s side, celebrating his victories and cheering him on throughout his golfing journey.