Meet FxHedla, The Millionaire who Grew €100 into €1,000,000 In Less Than 3 Years

Bor Hedla also known as FxHedla dropped out from college when he was only 17 years old. At the age of 18, he grew €100 into €100,000 & then by 21 he already passed the €1,000,000 profit mark through Forex trading.

Ljubljana, Slovenia Oct 11, 2021 – Becoming financially independent at a very young age is everyone’s dream, and not everyone can achieve that. Moreover, he was born from a poverty driven family. FxHedla has proven that success is the result of hard work and your dreams can always become reality. FxHedla is known as being a successful full-time day trader as well as owning one of the worlds biggest Forex trading companies called FxCommunityGlobal. With his Forex company, he shares all of his trades on a daily basis to his 25.000+ followers across the globe.

“I was born and raised in Ljubljana, My mother & father both came from poor families which made me want to become successful & retire them young,” said FxHedla.

During school, FxHedla used to sell candy, chocolate bars & drinks to make as much money as he could. He eventually made up to €100 during his last year of school & held onto that during college which he later used to invest with. A year later he grew that last €100 of his into over €1000 a day by trading Forex which made him drop out of college half way through.  At age 18 he focused on growing the €10,000 into over €100,000+ then by the age of 23 he was already up several multi millions of dollars In profits.

FxHedla created the company FxCommunityGlobal to allow other traders to copy his trades from all over the world. Therefore, they can also enjoy profits when he gains profit. FxCommunityGlobal is a forex signal company with over thousands of active members and is now one of the world’s biggest forex signal companies.