Meet imylia, Underground Rap Prodigy With No Limits

With over one million streams on Spotify alone, it is clear we’ve only seen ripples of the waves imylia is prepped to cause within the music industry.

Transitioning from their most viral Alternative Rap song “Watch Out feat. Aqua Raps”, to songs like the hypnotic Bedroom Pop “Safety feat. soyrica”, or Aesthetic Rap banger “Celebi feat. Gwallahs & Aqua Raps”, it is clear versatility is well within imylia’s range. Using their genre-fluid ability to dominate multiple aspects of music as a new artist. Taking inspiration from various artists like XXXTENTACION, Madison Beer, Billie Eilish, Zotiyac & Kamiyada+, their influences are mixed elegantly within their unique sound.

Unlike many of their counterparts within the underground scene, imylia’s identity is completely unknown, only giving out scarce information regarding their nonbinary identity & race. Remaining enigmatic, they have used platforms like TikTok & YouTube to be the front faces of their image, gaining a huge majority of their buzz from said algorithms. Noteworthy not for just for the music sound itself, but the content hidden within. imylia has continuously surprised their peers and audience with impressive flow structures, and witty references within bars. Ranging from topics of other big artists, anime, kpop groups, retro video games, and many more! Paving a lane that divides from the traditional rapper aesthetic, imylia chooses a more softer and genuine approach with their audience.

As their numbers gradually increase, imylia continues to perfect their craft in the comfort of their own home, only using their laptop and FL Studio.