Online Meeting Rules Everyone Should Follow

Almost everyone who is working from home these days is bound to have meetings online. Even in this evolution, it is equally important to have meetings as well-organized as possible. To learn about the online meeting etiquettes, one has to be aware of the tried and tested advice for both audio-video and audio-only meetings. Here are some of the rules one can apply in both worlds.

Be Punctual
Punctuality is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if you are at home all the time, but at the time of the meeting, you have some other home chores to continue. You have to prepare in such a manner that while being in a meeting, you are busy nowhere else. For example, you are contributing to the economy, as it is highly impacted otherwise, during COVID-19, so you are accountable for your work as one must be in a regular situation.

Dress Suitably
You needn’t wear a three-piece suit while working from home, but you still have to look professional. One can’t wear nightclothes or so while having a video call meeting, as it may look that a person just got out of bed. This won’t look professional at all.

Avoid Eating
It doesn’t matter if it is an audio-video or audio-only meeting, but you mustn’t eat while you are in a meeting, as professionals avoid eating in physical conference rooms as well. If you have a long-lasting meeting, it is absolutely fine to have a beverage of your choice to keep yourself hydrated.

Introduce Properly
Before you begin to speak, introduce a little bit about the meeting agenda and confirm if you are easily visible and audible to others in the meeting; otherwise, the meeting will become disorganized.

Listen to Others
You are in a professional meeting, so you have to focus on what others are saying as well. It might take a few minutes to settle down for everyone in this new environment, but it is important to just be in the meeting. You have to turn off other notifications and mute your phone or laptop, so you should not bother about your random Whatsapp messages and other social media distractions.