Mary McGuinness Releases New Single “Once In A Blue Moon”

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Mary McGuinness has released her new single “Once In A Blue Moon,” offering a taste of what’s to come in her full-length album Shadowcatcher, set to drop in early 2024. The new track can be heard on streaming services worldwide here.

“Once In A Blue Moon,” a captivating song written by Mary McGuinness and Jane Bach, echoes the sentiment of finding a love so rare, it feels like destiny’s own masterpiece. In this melodious tale, listeners are reminded that true love is a cosmic connection where accidents have no place, and fate takes the lead.

Mary spoke about the new single saying, “I’m incredibly excited to share ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ with everyone. This song is a melodic reflection of rare and destined love, a piece of my soul transformed into music. It’s a prelude to the varied and heartfelt stories I’ve embraced and created, and I hope it resonates with listeners, creating a space where they can explore the essence of extraordinary love and the cosmic ties that bind us.”

The accompanying music video for “Once In A Blue Moon” stands as a testament to Mary’s artistic vision, with her not only lending her captivating voice but also assuming the directorial helm, infusing the visuals with her unique style and creative prowess. To further elevate the visual experience, the video showcases the exceptional cinematography talents of Paul Buchholz, promising a visual feast that harmoniously complements the song’s enchanting narrative. On October 6th, the music video is set to premiere on Vents.

The singer-songwriter also spoke about the myriad influences that have shaped her musical journey, “From the Beatles to the rock anthems of the 70s that have resonated with me since my childhood, and reaching out to the cosmic influences that consistently ignite my imagination, ‘Shadowcatcher’ stands as a true reflection of the rich and diverse tapestry of my life. It extends an invitation to listeners to embark on this captivating sonic journey of exploration alongside me.”

Mary McGuinness, an accomplished singer-songwriter renowned for her multicultural heritage and unwavering passion for music, is on the cusp of captivating music enthusiasts once more with her highly anticipated upcoming project. Situated within the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Mary has poured her heart and soul into meticulously crafting her forthcoming record. Collaborating with a diverse array of co-writers, this creative journey has empowered her to explore uncharted musical horizons, resulting in a collection of songs that resonate deeply with her artistic ardor.

Mary’s life journey, from her culturally rich upbringing to her triumphant navigation of challenges, has all converged upon this pivotal moment. Her forthcoming release not only pledges an exceptional auditory experience but also affords a profound glimpse into the tapestry of her life. Listeners can anticipate an authentic and unforgettable musical odyssey that beautifully interweaves Mary’s heritage, passion, and steadfast commitment to her art.

From her resilient beginnings to this imminent juncture, Mary McGuinness’s musical evolution stands as a resounding testament to her unwavering dedication and enduring faith. As the release date approaches, the anticipation surges for a musical encounter that promises to be as authentic as it is indelible. 

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