Putin Praises Russian Women on International Women’s Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated International Women’s Day with a tribute to the women of Russia, emphasizing their roles in family life, charm, and beauty. This annual holiday, widely celebrated in Russia since Soviet times, is marked by gestures of appreciation and speeches honoring women for their contributions to society.

In his video message, Putin underscored the importance of family in Russian society, declaring it the “absolute priority.” He expressed the government’s commitment to supporting families, especially those with multiple children, to ensure their well-being and prosperity.

Directing his words to women, Putin acknowledged their ability to handle complex tasks efficiently and care while maintaining their charm and beauty. He commended them for their resilience in managing numerous responsibilities and challenges, all while exuding grace and elegance.

Putin’s remarks also highlighted the government’s efforts to increase Russia’s birth rate, emphasizing the importance of large families as a source of national pride. This focus on family values aligns with Putin’s broader vision for Russian society and his criticism of perceived moral decline in the West.

Moreover, Putin extended special recognition to women involved in the conflict in Ukraine, praising their contributions to the military effort. This acknowledgement reflects the region’s ongoing geopolitical tensions and underscores women’s role in defending the nation’s interests.

The emphasis on traditional family values and gender roles in Putin’s message reflects broader societal attitudes in Russia, where conservative values hold significant sway. Recent measures, such as the ban on the LGBT movement, demonstrate the government’s commitment to upholding traditional norms and limiting expressions of alternative lifestyles.

As Russia continues to navigate social and political challenges, Putin’s celebration of International Women’s Day reminds the country of its commitment to preserving its cultural heritage and promoting traditional family structures. In honouring the women of Russia, Putin reaffirms their vital role in shaping the nation’s future.