Road Sofa reaches 100,000 active viewers

In a realm where many brands are failing, and the tech bubble is “popping” one brand is not only surviving the storm, but managing to find some success. Road Sofa is a streaming service aiming at Gen Z, featuring many brand tie-ins like dispensaries and sports merchandise. Since its launch early this year, the brand has continued to grow, with the company officially announcing it hit a peak of over 100,000 active viewers recently.

Road Sofa began as a OTT brain child of a pair of Gen Z producers, with the idea of creating a platform catered to them. After about 6 months of planning and announcements, it all led to January’s launch. During that time the company expanded to over 20 employees and announced its presence in the niche streaming market.

The company’s primary strategy to achieve this success has been to acquire multiple types of content. While they do have a large amount of movies and television shows, they also have a large amount of short form web content and YouTube style content that is exclusive to their platform. In many instances it works directly with their brand partners in order to find the best fit for their audience.

Road Sofa has mentioned that goal before, and it does appear to be working. In initial strategy announcements, the company made sure to specify its goal would be to serve a specific demographic, and that by focusing on that niche it could better serve both customers and advertisers.

On a smaller note, the company did announce some bad news as well. They have halted all original series at this time, citing slowing down of funding due to economic reasons. The company has stated a continued interest in producing its own live action content, but only when it makes economic sense.

As a final announcement the company announced it would have new staff and leadership announcements soon as well as a new batch of content available in the coming quarter. What that content will be is up in the air, but based on the current library it can only be assumed it will be something cheap and effective.