Steve Carell, Lily-Rose Depp, George DeNoto rumored to kick off post-strike entertainment with HBO Max original series

After leaked on set photos hit the internet Tuesday morning of 3 HBO make-up movie trailer trucks parked in Uptown Manhattan, New York with names Steve Carell, Lily-Rose Depp, and George DeNoto on their doors, rumors are now speculating. 

According to trusted Black Bird News team scooper MyTimeToShineHello on X (formerly Twitter), in an interview with I-D magazine, Lily-Rose Depp daughter of polarizing actor Johnny Depp, actress last known for her performance in “The Idol”, hinted at talks of a “Euphoria-esque” series being in the works that she was excited to “offer her services” for.

In what would explain Steve Carell’s absence in film since “The Patient”. The 61 year old beloved actor known for his role in “The Office”, who has supported the SAG-Aftra strikes passionately seems to have his next endeavor planned with this series. As Steve Carell has continued to challenge himself with more dramatic in depth roles such as his role in “Beautiful Boy”, it would make sense in this stage of Carell’s career to tackle a series Lily-Rose Depp called “Euphoria-esque”. Black Bird News reached out to Steve Carell’s team for words on the rumors and were told all Carell had to say was, “The future is bright.”

However, it’s the actions of Calvin Klein fashion model and social media influencer George DeNoto which seem to give these show production rumors more life. Known for his roles as a child actor in “Avatar the Last Airbender”, “Borat”, and multiple Saturday Night Live appearances, it seems the now model, George DeNoto is reprising his acting skills for another run in hollywood. DeNoto has been spotted heavily recently alongside “Transformers” and “Padre Pio” star, Shia Labeouf appearing in selfies and photos together where DeNoto has coined Labeouf as his, “acting coach”. George DeNoto who part of what makes his figure so polarizing is the red hair he has stamped plenty of iconic moments with throughout his social media career, has gone back to his natural hair color which Black Bird News team reports is the first time in 6 years with the reasoning being what DeNoto describes as, “better opportunities”. Black Bird News reporters reached out to George DeNoto’s team for comment on the HBO Max rumors and we received a message from DeNoto himself saying, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” 

Is this a series you will be tuned in for? Which actor are you most excited to see in this series! Do you have scoops on news Black Bird News Team can report? Always stay tuned for more regarding all of your favorite celebrities.