TaniA Kyllikki, a singing phenomenon recognised for her captivating voice and piercing green-blue eyes, has just released a sweltering new single with Rynellton titled “In These Eyes.”

Making waves on the international scene ever since the release of her debut album, Why Chapter One. With each new record, TaniA Kyllikki continues to shine as a one-of-a-kind artist, blessing us with more of her talents. She has become a global superstar solely on the strength of her own merits. Now, the singer is back with another top hit, “In These Eyes,” which she collaborated on with her new husband Rynellton (real name: Garry D. Hairston; the musical power couple tied the knot on June 10).

TaniA’s second studio album, “Free-Spirited,” is now in production with the help of her spouse, Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston, and a team of professionals and is set for release sometime in 2024. She has shown incredible bravery and toughness by persevering through multiple devastating disasters in her life with extraordinary tenacity and resolve. She’s got an enormous amount of titanium in her, and she’s endeavouring to change the world via music to demonstrate it.

TaniA returned to the scene with another song, “In These Eyes,” which features her trademark genre-hopping and has the potential to catapult her farther up the worldwide musical rankings. The performance and production are top-notch, and in the pictures for “In These Eyes,” TaniA resembles a fiercely beautiful goddess.

A tale of a man who is lured in by the characteristics of an exotic woman with emerald-blue eyes and a strong, forceful soul; he pursues her, and they end up together. At its outset, the song features an infectious electronic beat, and while waiting for the percussive sounds to provide that sparkling polish, you get lured in by TaniA’s gorgeously seductive vocals. Featuring her imposing range, made even more mysterious by the Persian influences surrounding her astonishing lead and backing vocal harmonies, TaniA’s beautiful voice dissolves into the rhythm to produce that wow X-Factor impression.

TaniA’s ability to glide effortlessly across her five octave range is nothing short of astounding. She never fails to stun us with a performance that showcases her formidable vocal abilities. Rynellton’s (Garry D. Hairston’s) rap rhyme elevates the song to a whole new level of mystery. The international appeal of “In These Eyes” comes from its blend of house elements, an R&B ignition, Arabic pop influence, a hip-hop aspect, and an inescapable rock rhythm.

“In these eyes” is a must to add to your playlists. It’s catchy, danceable, and has an overall great vibe.
In These Eyes – TaniAKyllikkiftRynellton

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