The Moroccan entrepreneur Hasnae Taleb appeared in the EMIGALA 2023 Awards wearing a look worth over $1 million, topping Georgina Rodriguez and Nawal El Zoghbi

This week, Moroccan businesswoman “Hasnae Taleb” broke numerous records, including being named The Shewolf of Wall Street by Nasdad and dethroning international and Hollywood celebrities Georgina Rodriguez and Nawal El Zoghbi with a stunning appearance.

Photo credit: Med Hallou

Hasnae Taleb is a pioneering former Stock Trader, Investor, and Entrepreneur known for her remarkable achievements in the financial world, including being the first Arab and African woman nominated as The Shewolf of Nasdaq, a leader in global investment initiatives and a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.  

Last week, Hasnae broke the US news and Arab news with her nomination as the Shewolf of Wall Street. Today, she could not stop the media from talking about her most expensive look at The Emigala 2023, a luxury Fashion Awards, where the young entrepreneur amazed the attendees with a spectacular look and beat Gerogina Rodriguez and Nema Benati, who also appeared with the same dress in other red carpet events. 

The dress was designed by the international fashion designer Marmar Halim for the she-wolf and nailed the look with a $1M emerald diamond necklace and diamond ring by the international jewelry designer Yessayan representing royalty, eloquence, and prosperity without forgetting the sandals from Rene Caovilla.  Yessayan has also been known for dressing up the biggest Hollywood celebrities of all time like Adele, Demi Lovato, Gigi Hadid, Kelly Rowland, Megan Fox, etc. 

The Moroccan-American entrepreneur imposed her personality and proved to the world that brain and looks are not an impossible equation and says: “there is no reason why someone cannot be interested in technology, finance or business and still enjoy fashion and looking good. It’s important to remember that people are complex and multifaceted, and can have a variety of interests and passions.

She adds: “It’s important to embrace and celebrate all aspects of ourselves, including our interests in fashion and beauty, while also pursuing our passions and careers in finance, business, or any other field. Being true to ourselves and our interests can help us feel confident and empowered in all areas of our lives.”.

Many successful women in tech or business are also fashion icons and have made their mark in the fashion world. For example, Marissa Mayer, the former CEO of Yahoo, is known for her signature style and has been featured in fashion magazines like Vogue. Similarly, Angela Ahrendts, the former CEO of Burberry and senior vice president at Apple, is known for her impeccable fashion sense and has been named one of the most powerful women in fashion.

Additionally, Hasnae is known for always supporting and up-lifting her team and says: “I dedicate the success of my look to my talented stylist Khaled Remouche who worked so hard for days to get what you see right now”, adding to that her hairdresser Georges Gerges and Make-up Artist Talin that have been known for working with top celebrities in the the Middle East.