The Musical Mystic on a Mission to Heal Souls and Waste Time is called Smooth Doubleb

Smooth Doubleb doesn’t seem to be your typical musician—one who plays chords and blasts out songs. He’s a spiritual artist on a mission, and his latest goal is to release the song “I’m Scared To Admit That I Have Wasted So Much Time.” It has such a genuine voice. We’ve all been there, Brandon, considering the hours we’ve lost watching too many cat videos instead of pursuing our aspirations.

Readers don’t need to fret, however, since Smooth Doubleb isn’t here to make fun of us for our Netflix binges. On the other hand, he is there to support us throughout all of our difficult times by using both potent language and profoundly meaningful rhythms. Imagine lounging in a dimly lit room, thinking calmly about the joys of life, and feeling the comfort of Smooth Doubleb’s voice like a blanket on a cold winter’s night. Other than having great music, it’s similar to therapy.

Smooth Doubleb had to wait a long time to achieve musical nirvana. All of it began in the shadows of the past and maybe even in his formative years, motivated by a love of music that outweighed the comfort of light. His actions throughout time have refined him, producing a sound experience as unique as a unicorn among a sea of horses.

Nevertheless, Smooth Doubleb’s life did not take a metaphysical turn prior to the 2020 financial catastrophe striking like a swarm of locusts (wait, that really occurred too). Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that plagued mankind, he set out on a spiritual quest that was comparable to Frodo’s quest to destroy the One Ring via combat. Sometimes it’s not quite as dramatic, but you get the general idea.

Smooth Doubleb dove in trust over the murky waters of human existence, seeking solace in the ship he was in and a deeper understanding of the mission ahead. Whatever the topic—love, grief, fear, self-discovery, etc.—he has undoubtedly written a song about it. Thus was born the album’s first single, “I’m Scared To Admit That I Have Wasted So Much Time,” whose profound lyrics made Philosophers appear like a kindergarten teacher.

Because of his deep spiritual connection, Smooth Doubleb develops into a unique vocalist, and this looks as real as an atmospheric cloud on a cloudless day. He has been developing the previously described relationship for many years, drawing influence from a wide range of diverse religious doctrines and practices. What was the experiment’s outcome? When you hear music this amazing, you will want to write everything down and start meditating from a viewpoint.

“I think that music has the ability to heal, to inspire, and to elevate the human spirit,” declares Smooth Doubleb, most likely while sipping herbal tea and contemplating the deeper meaning of life. Furthermore, he is right. His music has the power to turn even the most sceptical listeners into more open-minded believers; it’s like taking magic pills for your soul.

Let’s start by going over the technical details and talking about the actual recording procedure. “I’m Scared To Admit That I Have Wasted So Much Time” is an orchestral combination of sorrowful ballads and explosive blockbusters that will have you moving like no one else is there for you. It’s a musical masterpiece. Every musical composition narrates an uplifting tale of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth, akin to a whole chapter in a novel, in a way that is as comforting as a hot chocolate bowl on a chilly winter’s day.