The skin cancer diagnosis and treatment

There are many skin cancers which can be treated successfully. In general, the skin cancer diagnosis and treatment is based on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer. There are a variety of treatments available for both benign and malignant skin cancers. A person’s health depends on how well they respond to treatment, so it is important to consult with a doctor like Sundoctors before starting any treatment. The doctor will take a close look at the surface of your body, including your scalp moles, freckles, freckles, the growths, or lesions. If it is suspected that you have skin cancer and your doctor recommends an examination to confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes, additional imaging tests might be suggested to determine the extent of cancer.

What is the treatment for skin cancer?

The treatment options available for cancer of the skin rely on factors like how the cancer is treated and also its size and location, and size of the lesions. Small skin cancers that are limited to the skin’s surface can be completely removed through biopsy. If further treatment is required Your doctor might suggest one of the following options:

  • Cryosurgery. This method is utilized to treat lesions that are precancerous or early-stage cancers. It involves freezing cancerous skin cells using liquid nitrogen.
  • Mohs surgery. This is used to treat difficult, large or recurring skin cancers. It is typically performed to treat important cosmetic reasons or sensitive areas like the lips, the scalp and eyelids, foreheads, fingers, ears or the Genital region.
  • Surgery for excision. This is suitable for all kinds of skin cancer. It involves surgically removing cancerous tissues and the surrounding border from healthy tissues.
  • Curettage, electrodesiccation or cryotherapy. It uses a sharp instrument with an elongated blade to cut away cancerous cells.
  • Therapy for radiation . It is used in cases where cancerous cells cannot be eliminated completely using surgical procedures. It is the process of using radiation or beams of high energy to destroy cancerous cells.
  • Chemotherapy . This is one of the most common treatments used in skin cancer. In this method the cancerous cells are destroyed. If the growth of the cancerous cells are restricted only to the surface of the skin, then anti cancer medications are given. The intravenous and injectable chemotherapy is given when the cancer has taken over. 
  • The treatment is a photodynamic one. It destroys precancerous cells by applying medications to all the areas that have precancerous lesions. The zones are later exposed to red or blue bright light for a certain period of time in order to kill the cancerous cells.
  • Immunotherapy. It is the process of using the body’s defense system to kill the cancerous cells of skin.
  • Therapy targeted. Certain tumors like melanoma have genetic mutations, e.g. BRAF which can be treated with medications.


Skin cancer is a type of cancer that can be found on the skin. Treatment for skin cancer usually includes surgery, drugs, and radiation. There are many different types of skin cancer, so it is important to get help from a medical professional when you have questions about your skin.