Unveiling the Journey: Ashutosh Rana Opens Up in a Candid 3-Hour Interview with Lallantop’s Guest in the Newsroom

Prominent actor Ashutosh Rana, known for his powerful and versatile performances, recently took centre stage in an engaging and insightful interview with Lallantop’s popular show, Guest in the Newsroom.

Hosted by the esteemed Saurabh Dwivedi, the three-hour-long conversation delved deep into the actor’s life journey, providing the viewers with a rare glimpse into Ashutosh Rana’s personal and professional experiences.

The 56-year-old actor opened up about the formative experiences that shaped his journey as an actor. Rana has given many impactful performances in films such as Sangharsh, Dushman, Raaz, Simmba, Pathaan, and others.

Watch the full interview here:

From his early days in the industry to his breakthrough roles, Ashutosh Rana touched upon several anecdotes and insights that shed light on the challenges and triumphs he encountered along the way.

As the interview concluded, it left an impactful impression on viewers, especially those who are cinema lovers or aspiring to be a part of the Indian film industry. The insightful conversation serves as an inspiration to many and helps the viewers connect with Ashutosh Rana on a deeper level.