Where will you be in five years? Self-coaching diary knows the answer.

“If I were asked what makes a successful person stand out, the first thing I would say is that they have a vision for their life,” says Anastasia Dashinskaya, coach and author of the self-coaching diary  “The Wish Card That Works Wonders.” That is, the key to success in life is a clear idea of how the future should develop. 

And no matter how big the goal – not everyone wants to be a famous actor or a millionaire. What matters is in how much detail you present the result and the way to achieve it. Of course, on the way to the goal, your vision may change, but it is worth taking the first steps when you know where you are going. 

Vision is a guiding star that points us in the right direction and does not let us go astray. More importantly, a vision is not a step-by-step plan, but primarily a product of creative imagination and dreams. A successful person is able to see the future vividly, in colors, in the smallest details. It’s as if the future has already become a reality. And since scientists can prove the materialization of thoughts, then by creating a vision of life, you choose a new line of fate.

Perhaps it sounds a little pathetic and vague, and this short wording does not reflect all the facets that distinguish successful people from “ordinary” ones. Then we will add in some specifics.

“The most logical way to get a vision is to make a list of what you want. But as a coach, I often face the fact that clients do not know what they want or have desires only in certain areas of life,” says Anastasia. In her self-coaching diary, “The Wish map that Works Wonders,” she helps readers see their lives as a whole and find a comprehensive approach to living their dreams. 

Because if you focus on achievements, for example, in your career, you can miss out on relationships with loved ones or health, or if you pay too much attention to your family and home, there is a risk of not achieving what you want in your career. 

In general, any success is a balance of all spheres of life. But it is not so easy to find it. Therefore, the diary covers all areas of life and helps you to conduct a deep analysis of each of them. It is not like an ordinary book you can read and forget. The self-coaching diaries Anastasia creates consist of questions that a professional coach would ask you. They have tables you fill out which open a lot of your unfulfilled desires, fears and hopes.

It’s good to have an idea of your life in general. But on the way from the general to the particular, it is very difficult to achieve complete detail. Therefore, it is worth dividing the overall picture of the vision into blocks, and these, in turn, into bricks of desires and hopes. 

Now think about it: what do you want in the field of finance, knowledge, career, what kind of people should you let into your environment? For example, imagine your ideal job first, then what your home and life in it looks like, what your family is like, and finish with your achievements. The sequence does not matter, it is important to highlight the components of your vision, to detail it. So, imagine a perfect picture of your life and think about how the desires from different spheres are compatible.

Creativity or logic?

Do you think the vision of life is more about creativity or logic?

I think it’s somewhere in the middle. As an artist, you need to be able to erase your dreams from the board, pick up fresh colors and paint your future anew. Do not redraw, do not erase individual strokes, but rather erase everything and draw again. 

If we talk about the creative approach, then you can make a collage of photos of your desires. Such a kind of wish-list helps both to group your wishes by spheres, and to develop a sequence of their implementation. In fact, this will be the wish map, which connects the imagination and activates the visualization process. 

The bottom line is that a person begins to mentally imagine an event or situation and begins to want it very much. The desire for the fulfillment of thoughts begins to arise in the subconscious. You can understand that the fulfillment of your desire at this point in time is impossible. And although logic says one thing, while the subconscious automatically began to look for ways to solve your thoughts. 

Scientists have already proved that thought is a kind of energy that can affect everything that happens in the world. Thus, thought is able to create. Using the power of imagination, you can not only acquire excellent health, but also attract the necessary situations in various spheres of life. Another scientific fact: When you vividly visualize desires, the same processes occur in the brain as when you solve a similar problem in real life.

But in forming a picture of the future, you can use not only a creative approach, but also logic. In the self-coaching diary, the author offers many practical exercises. For example, one of them is a timeline of your future achievements. “A simple list with approximate dates will not be as vivid as a collage or a story, but the framework it sets can help you act more than dream,” adds Mariia Dashynska, co-author of the diary.

When the beacons are placed, you can also create anti-beacons or a list of errors you do not want to make. No matter how much psychologists glorify optimism, we are all pessimists in one way or another. And instead of trying to change this in yourself, you should make a list of “places where you don’t want to end up.”

Such work on yourself does not take much time, because you can think about your life and how to improve it at any time. This is the advantage of a diary over a standard coaching session: the reader can analyze himself and his life gradually, slowly pulling out of the subconscious answers that might not have been realized by you for many years. And as a result, this will allow you to create a vision to start living in accordance with your values and goals.

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