Why “Hoody” is so important in the music industry

“Hoody” is a song you have probably heard on TikTok and YouTube, or you likely have listened to it through your Spotify playlist. It is not your average song in any way, and it brings something to the table no other song does. Well here is why we need ‘Hoody’ in a world full of music.

Devin Millar created this song all in his room and animated the video himself using FireAlpaca. It is similar to a children’s show you’d see from the 90s but with modern-day technology. He also released the song independently and was proven to be a success thanks to all of Devin’s hard work he does himself.

The song is also inspired by the Grand Theft Auto franchise, one of the most famed video games in the world. It uses elements from the games in the music video. Video game lovers and Grand Theft Auto Online fans will be in for a treat when they hear this song. Another piece of history it uses is Dance music from the likes of European EDM artists such as Basshunter and Vengaboys. These are Devin’s inspirations. It was referred to as ‘Eurodance’ at the time.

His uncle creates Trance music, and during Devin’s childhood, his music inspired him as he would hear him make it out loud and was often tutored how to make this type of music.

Another aspect of the song that’s important is the fact that it sends the message to discontinue double standards in the music industry as Devin believes there are many of them, and this song was made to inspire others to not judge or condemn others for doing the same things other artists either become popular for, or get overlooked for doing. Especially certain expressions that were common, that still exist in today’s music.

Devin is not your average music artist as he is known to do this feel and vibe, which is to inspire others to not worry about what others think and he goes against social norms, and wishes to integrate more from other cultures and practices into the modern world. “Hoody” is certainly an ode to this dream he has, and it completely reflects in his singing and lyrics.

The song also spreads awareness to stop gang violence and replaces the usual subject matter of such with innocent and childlike themes to show what the world would look like if gangs were not violent, and were innocent in a G-rated fashion.

Devin knows that violence is still common in today’s world and while it always will exist, he can inspire others with this song to become more open, aware, and peaceful toward others.

The story in the music video uses Jack. Who is his animated cartoon mascot, where he goes around and inspires an entire block to dance, party, and celebrate life instead of using violence as he is in a gang-controlled neighborhood. Everyone joins in the celebration and dances with him.

Devin grew up with his family and was homeschooled before going to high school for two years and won the talent show. These were his beginnings and he always has the dream of creating a song like this. Devin states he feels happy he got to do it and is grateful for his fans and friends alike.

There are many things we can say about “Hoody” besides these things, but there is almost no other song like it. We also enjoy hearing about the backstory of the song and how it became such a wonderful anthem.