Gehana Vasisth’s Controversial Bikini Video and Social Media Backlash

Actress-model Gehana Vasisth, who recently made headlines for her marriage to ‘DateBaazi’ fame actor Faizan Ansari, stirred up controversy when she posted a bikini-clad video on her official social media handle. However, the video was deleted a few hours later, leaving fans curious about her decision.

Known for her glamorous persona, Gehana Vasisth has never shied away from sharing bold and glamorous pictures and videos on her Instagram profile, which boasts 1.1 million followers. Following her recent marriage, she shared a bikini video on her handle, attracting significant attention from her fanbase and the media. However, to the surprise of many, the video was deleted shortly afterward, raising questions about the motives behind her decision.

According to various media reports, Gehana Vasisth’s husband, Faizan Ansari, allegedly requested her to remove the bikini video and modify her way of presenting herself on social media. It is speculated that Faizan urged her to refrain from showcasing her body and adopt a more modest approach. While the exact reasons behind this pressure remain unclear, the incident indicates a potential clash between personal choices and the expectations within their relationship.

Gehana Vasisth’s social media presence has often attracted both admiration and criticism. While some appreciate her glamorous images and videos, others perceive them as cheap or vulgar, as reflected in the comments made on her profile. The controversy surrounding the bikini video sparked further debates about the line between personal expression and societal expectations and the role of public figures in shaping public perceptions.