Air India to begin premium economy class in some international flights

Air India is planning to expand its fleet in the coming years as well as boost its market share to at least 30 per cent in domestic and international routes. Air India passengers will be able to travel in premium economy class on some of its long-haul international flights.

Air India chief Cambell Wilson said that the Tata group-owned airline works on ways to increase its market share and global network. The airline is executing a long-term revival plan and over the next five years, it plans to grow its wide-body and narrow-body fleet. This year in January, Tata Group took over Air India.

“The short-term actions have been to replace carpets, curtains, seat cushions and covers. To fix defective seats and inflight entertainment systems as fast as supply chains will allow. And where parts are no longer available in the market, to work with the likes of Tata Technologies to design and manufacture parts ourselves,” said Campbell Wilson, Air India CEO and MD.

The airline has reinstated about 20 aircraft that had been stranded for years due to a lack of parts and money, according to Wilson. He added that “We’ve recently completely revamped the domestic inflight menu, and will be doing likewise, as well as launching premium economy on certain long-haul international flights next month”.