Bengaluru Tech Professional Loses Rs 61.5 Lakh in Telegram Scam

In a distressing incident that highlights the perils of online scams, a 41-year-old tech professional from Bengaluru has fallen victim to an elaborate fraud on the messaging platform Telegram, resulting in a staggering loss of Rs 61.58 lakh. Uday Ullas, using the platform for stock market analysis, was enticed into a deceptive “part-time” job offer, ultimately leading to a web of financial deceit.

The scam commenced with Ullas accepting a “part-time” job offer from an individual named Suhasini, who lured him with promises of lucrative returns. Tasked with various activities requiring financial investments, including website reviews and clicking on a URL linked to a website named Skscanner-job23, Ullas initially experienced apparent success. His initial investment of Rs 10,000 purportedly multiplied to an impressive Rs 20 lakh.

However, the scheme turned dark when Ullas attempted to withdraw his accumulated earnings, only to find the withdrawal option mysteriously blocked. Under the pretence of an ongoing audit, the scam artist, operating as Suhasini, demanded an additional Rs 10 lakh to unlock the withdrawal feature. Unable to produce the sum, Ullas resorted to borrowing from friends, setting off a chain of financial complications.

As the scam progressed, Ullas faced false claims of a diminished credit score and further demands for payments totaling Rs 20 lakh. Coerced into additional investments under the guise of a “VIP channel” promising faster withdrawals, Ullas discovered the extent of the deception when he realized he had transferred a whopping Rs 61.5 lakh.

Upon realizing the magnitude of the fraud, Ullas promptly filed a complaint with the South CEN police. The case, registered under the IT Act and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, has initiated a comprehensive investigation. The scammers’ use of a VPN network has added complexity to the case, presenting a challenge for authorities in tracing and apprehending the culprits.