FASTag Revolution: Kochi Airport’s 10-Minute Bonus for Travelers

In a bid to enhance efficiency and curb illegal parking, Kochi International Airport has embraced hi-tech solutions by incorporating FASTag for entry fee collection and introducing a smart parking facility. Effective from December 1, these advancements aim to streamline the entry and exit process, making it quicker and more convenient for both travelers and authorities.

Key Features of the New System:

1. FASTag Integration:
– The entry fee for vehicles entering the airport premises will be collected using FASTag, ensuring a seamless and cashless experience.
– Vehicles without FASTag will not be permitted entry, emphasizing the adoption of digital payment solutions.

2. Flexible Fee Structure:
– The entry fee structure is designed to accommodate various parking durations, starting with ₹60 for the first 10 minutes.
– Charges for up to two hours will be ₹100, with an additional ₹30 for each subsequent hour.
– A long-term/per 24-hour parking charge is fixed at ₹350.

3. Smart Parking Facility:
– The integration of FASTag facilitates a smart parking system that allows users to pre-book slots for their vehicles using a mobile application.
– This feature not only enhances convenience but also reduces the entry and exit time for vehicles at the airport gates to a remarkable eight seconds, significantly down from the current two minutes.

4. Continuation of 10-Minute Concession:
– Private vehicles will continue to enjoy a 10-minute free parking facility.
– After the initial free period, private vehicles will be charged according to the pattern established for commercial vehicles.

5. Addressing Illegal Parking:
– The new system addresses the longstanding issue of illegal parking along roads leading to the airport, relieving concerns raised by local authorities and the police.

Efficient Parking Operations:

The Cochin International Airport, equipped with covered parking space for 2,800 vehicles, has expanded its parking solutions to cover 600 vehicles. With an estimated 5,700 vehicles utilizing these spaces on any given day, implementing automatic number plate readers and recognition cameras ensures efficient parking operations.

Integrating FASTag and introducing a smart parking system mark a significant leap forward for Kochi International Airport. By leveraging technology to streamline entry, exit, and parking processes, the airport aims to create a more user-friendly and efficient experience for travelers while addressing longstanding challenges associated with illegal parking.