Brandi Glanville Accuses Andy Cohen of Sexual Harassment

Brandi Glanville, former star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” has recently made headlines with serious allegations against Bravo executive Andy Cohen. In a detailed legal letter addressed to NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, and Shed media, Glanville’s lawyers outline claims of sexual harassment and professional mistreatment during her tenure with the network.

Glanville’s accusations stem from a disturbing incident involving Cohen, where he allegedly sent her a video in 2022 while in an inebriated state, expressing intentions to sleep with another Bravo star while “thinking” of Glanville. The letter, obtained by The Blast, portrays Glanville’s distress and disgust at Cohen’s behavior, emphasizing his position of power as her boss at the time.

Moreover, Glanville’s legal team contends that NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, and Shed media have perpetuated false narratives about her, damaging her reputation and career. The letter suggests that Glanville feels exploited and mistreated by the institutions to which she has devoted her professional life.

This legal battle sheds light on broader issues within the reality TV industry, with Glanville’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, denouncing what he describes as “abusive practices” and emotional harm inflicted on participants. Freedman asserts that Glanville’s case is just one example of the systemic issues plaguing reality TV, urging other victims to come forward and seek legal redress.

As of now, Andy Cohen has not responded to the accusations publicly, leaving the situation to unfold amidst a backdrop of legal action and professional scrutiny. Glanville’s allegations represent a significant challenge to the culture and practices within the reality TV industry, highlighting the need for accountability and reform.