Chandrayaan 3’s Moon Discoveries: What We’ve Found So Far

Imagine a spaceship exploring the Moon, discovering new things and telling us about them. That’s exactly what Chandrayaan 3, a special mission from India, has been doing. It’s like a big adventure in space!

Here’s what we know from Chandrayaan 3’s adventure: First, it looked at how hot or cold the Moon is in different places. Imagine if the ground outside your house could be very, very cold or very, very hot. That’s what the Moon is like, and Chandrayaan 3 told us all about it. Some parts are as cold as -10 degrees Celsius (even colder than your freezer!), while others can be as warm as 70 degrees Celsius (way hotter than a sunny day).

But that’s not all! Chandrayaan 3 has also found some unique stuff on the Moon’s surface. It’s like looking for hidden treasures. It found oxygen, sulphur, iron, and other elements. These elements are tiny building blocks that makeup everything around us. Just like you can mix different LEGO pieces to build something cool, these elements join together to create the Moon’s surface.

And guess what? Chandrayaan 3’s robot friend, Pragyan, walked on the Moon and found something unexpected – a big hole, like a crater! The Moon is covered in these craters, like little potholes. Pragyan was smart and didn’t fall in. It changed its path and kept on exploring.

Why is all this important? It helps us understand more about the Moon, our space neighbor. Plus, finding oxygen is exciting because it could mean there’s water hiding somewhere on the Moon. And water is super important for life and for future space adventures.

Chandrayaan 3’s journey is like a puzzle. Each new piece of information helps scientists learn more about the Moon and space. Who knows what other secrets Chandrayaan 3 will uncover as its space journey continues? It’s like reading a thrilling space story; we’re all eagerly waiting for the next chapter!