Custom Seat Covers: Everything You Need To Know

Whether your vehicle is new or well-used, you may have considered the benefits of installing seat covers to protect your upholstery. These accessories come in two primary varieties, universal and custom car seat covers. These are some things you should know about custom seat covers.

Benefits of Seat Covers

Custom seat covers mold to your seat shape exactly. They are made specifically for your vehicle. This means that they fully cover and protect your seats from damage and spills. They are also easy to install and remove, and most can be washed in the washing machine. Seat covers also tend to have a nonstick backing that keeps them in place.

These accessories can also be used to customize your vehicle and reflect your style. They can also improve your comfort due to their added foam, cooling technology, lumbar support and other options.

Types of Seat Covers

Custom car seat covers come in many varieties. Most are waterproof seat covers. Some are made from PVC, leather and leatherette, while others are made from traditional upholstery fabrics. You can also find buckwheat hull and neoprene options.  

Universal seat covers are made to fit most vehicles. They have similar benefits to custom covers, but they may not fit as tightly or have the options available to custom purchasers. Although these options may not look as great as custom covers, they will protect your upholstery and are a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Custom seat covers are made specifically for your vehicle’s seats. You can customize the fabric, aesthetic and other features. Most have limited or lifetime warranties against defects. Custom covers also reflect the original upholstery of your vehicle and have extra support. This option is typically more comfortable and attractive and is less resistant to tearing and stretching, but it may require additional maintenance.

Choosing Seat Covers

Start with the type of fabric you desire. Do you want high-end leather or is polyester or neoprene more your speed? Then, consider your color options. You can choose a color that matches your interior, or choose a contrasting color.

You can also choose the style. For example, do you want them to look like the seats you would find in a racecar, luxury vehicle or everyday car? Then, choose whether you want all your seats covered or just specific ones. Some are sold as sets of two or four, so check your packaging.

Remember to keep your budget in mind as you choose your seat covers, and look for good reviews and five-star ratings.

How To Apply a Seat Cover

Most seat covers will come with installation instructions. Often, you simply slip them over the top of the seat and attach them with the included Velcro or elastic straps. Universal seat covers can typically be installed easily and without help.

However, custom seat covers may not have straps because they fit tighter to your seat. Therefore, you may need help installing these accessories. They will take more time to install due to their fit.

If you have removable headrests, you may need to remove them before installing your seat covers. Check the instructions to be sure.

If you are looking for car accessories that add or retain your vehicle’s value, consider the benefits of custom seat covers.