Dead Summer EP Review

For some time now, the combo of DEAD HENDRIX and Levi Zadoff have left their mark on the punk world as two rising talents to look out for. With DEAD HENDRIX’s perseverance to weave sticky hooks and Levi Zadoff’s head-spinning, painful poetry, it looked like a gift to the musical cosmos they were joining for a collaborative endeavor.

And with the DEAD SUMMER EP, both artists explore the depths of their craft, reinforcing and infusing the record with their qualities. Over the opener, “DONT THINK IT COULD GET MUCH BETTER,” Zadoff’s mournful tone and passionate lyrics come to the fore on the quick, increasing rhythm, blasting into a rage while shouting the strong hook. The tempo is shapeshifting, availing him the opportunity to unravel his hurt and his disillusionment with a trusting relationship.

DEAD HENDRIX is excellent at generating a hook that remains with you, and on “ALONE,” beginning the song with an enticing melody over a shifting synth-line and muted guitar riff. The setting is very well prepared for Levi Zadoff to fill the beat with his coolly-delivered verse reminiscing about situations in the past and being unbothered with their present life’s challenges.

By the time we drop into the freewheeling CANT BE GOD, the duo is just delighted about life, soaked in thankfulness and pleased with where they’re at. The tone is lively, yet the shapeshifting beat allows the couple to be flexible and fluid, showcasing their lovely personalities. However, on “LOVE GAME,” the speed shifts as thundering kick drums and electric guitar instruments intermingle, allowing Zadoff to thoroughly record the aches of love and relationships with amazing detail. There’s tension in his delivery, agony etched all over his lyrics, but as we reach the finish of the tune, DEAD HENDRIX brings a much-needed different viewpoint with his melodious flow.

As the EP approaches a peak on the somewhat quieter “TEENAGE DIRTBAG,” the pair are immersed in emotional honesty, as snarling vocals blend with furious guitar riffs and rapid percussions. DEAD SUMMER EP reminds listeners why the pair of Levi Zadoff and DEAD HENDRIX are two bright possibilities in the punk scene. Here, they both hone down on even another level of narrative, offering us aspects of them that almost feel too personal to witness—all over perfectly produced production.

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