Desserts and Baking Tips for Diabetics

Diabetes can be described as a disease that usually occurs when the blood sugar or glucose of an individual is very high. Our main source of energy is the blood sugar or glucose. We get this blood sugar from the food we eat.

Insulin regulates how the body uses and stores glucose and fat. Many of the body’s cells rely on insulin to take glucose from the blood for energy. Sometimes the body may not produce sufficient insulin to do this role; the glucose would then remain in your blood without getting to the cells.

Having excess glucose in your bloodstream without insulin expelling them out can cause serious problems. Type 2 diabetes can develop in anybody irrespective of age. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes.

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, this article will show you some easy strategies that will enable you to include sweet treat occasionally in your meal plan.

If you are following a healthy lifestyle and workout regularly you don’t have to completely cut off desserts when you have type 2 diabetes. You can still enjoy a baked sweet treat occasionally if you follow some strategies while making diabetes-friendly substitutes. All you have to do is to keep it healthy and reduce carbs.

Below are few tips to make any recipe diabetes-friendly:

Use avocado instead of butter; Using avocado instead of butter will alter the taste of your food slightly. It’s better than butter as avocado also provides fibre and protein.

Experiment with sugar substitutes and less sugar; without adding any calories, there are several sweeteners that are artificial and can work nicely in recipes.

Replace white flour to nut flours; hazelnut flour and almond flour contain some levels of fat. However, they have less effect on blood sugar compared to white flour.

Use Cacao nibs instead of chocolate; it is better to use cacao nibs rather than using milk chocolate. You can also try dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder as an alternative.

Add veggies such as spinach, zucchini and carrots; adding shredded vegetables can boost your nutrition levels without changing the flavour much of baked food.

Use open-faced pie; when the top of a pie is crust off, the amount of butter, sugar and carbs can be cut down. It is healthier to use groundnut instead of flour for the crust.

Ensure you limit portion sizes; It is advisable to use cupcake tins and mini muffin.

Consider the entire meal; You should reduce the quantity of carbohydrate you consume in your main course.