Nirmel Mouchiquel Marcillac – video-clips in classical and eletrometis music

Do you know about electrometis music? Nirmel MM has created this style mixing all possible musics with classical occidental and jazz musics, and electronic sounds and instruments, adding two mathematical solfegic personal discoveries.

… his new activity is to realize video-clips for this personal style of composing music: he is the first musician placing video on classical occidental music.
It is for the moment video-clips in classical trend of electrometis.

Soon you’ll to watch new forms of video-clips, but it is a surprise.

Nirmel MM is reputed musician developing his career since his first international concert in 1994, the 31th of march, seven days before the rwandasis genocid. He has been second place winner in american charts for jazz in the internet during four years long, and so, decided to develop his audience a third time via soundcloud, pinterest, dailymotion and youtube, etc.

The orthograph of his main family name ‘Mouchiquel’ is the indian origin ‘Muchikkal’, and you can understand in Dijon something has interested him to birth in this town one day in 1975. The link between orient and occident is newly done, two hundred thousand years after the epoqua transcribed in the Bhagavad Gita and after thousands of wars by people that did not want metis have developped, trying to schize orient and occident as Karna wanted, meaning here Karna has lost. The Pandavi should be peaceful to know there is newly metis people and the two thousands years are: even if they have fight for kingdom, they have fight for democracy and to protect life and Justs as Krsna or Civa have been.

Creation is progressing: new musical ways of composition, new way of making videos, ‘La Fin de Satan’ is several times more on the scene, and so on. Even Dr Yang in YMAA has decided to practice yoga newly and write books, as he has motivation as Nirmel has told him “Yang is not synonym of badness and Yang Taïji style is not a bad practice of Taï Chi Quan”. Goodness and honesty have no end as it is the logical way the Universe is done.

You can check on YouTube: