Dianne Buswell Basks in the Australian Sun

After a thrilling run on Strictly Come Dancing, professional dancer Dianne Buswell has swapped the dance floor for the sandy shores of her native Australia. The 34-year-old, who competed in the show’s final with EastEnders star Bobby Brazier, recently showcased her toned figure in a sizzling bikini snap, capturing the essence of her time back home.

Following Saturday’s intense final, where Dianne narrowly missed clinching the Glitterball trophy, she wasted no time jetting back to Australia for a heartwarming Christmas reunion with her family. Most notably, Dianne spent quality time with her father, Mark, who is bravely battling cancer.

Dianne’s Instagram lit up as she shared a glimpse of her sunny beach day, adorned in a mismatched bikini that perfectly highlighted her figure. Completing the look with a traditional Australian swagman hat, she strolled along the sand, basking in the warmth of her home country.

Notably, her former dance partner Bobby Brazier couldn’t resist chiming in, playfully noting, “Such an Australian.” Meanwhile, Dianne’s boyfriend, Joe Sugg, injected a bit of humor, commenting, “(I wondered where my budgie smugglers were..)”.

Beyond the sunny shores, Dianne shared a touching selfie with her father Mark, illustrating the joy of reuniting with loved ones. The caption conveyed the heartwarming sentiment, “and from the concert to having our first morning coffee ❤️ I’m home @mark.3802.”

This return home holds special significance for Dianne, who faced emotional challenges during the Strictly season. In October, she broke down in tears on the show after revealing her father’s cancer diagnosis. In a recent interview with Heat Magazine, Dianne acknowledged the difficulties of being away from her family during her father’s chemotherapy.

However, amidst personal trials, Dianne found solace in the support of her former dance partner Bobby. She expressed gratitude for his calmness and realistic encouragement, emphasizing how a young soul like Bobby can possess such a mature and positive outlook.

As Dianne Buswell embraces the Australian sun, she not only radiates beauty on the outside but also exemplifies resilience and strength in the face of life’s challenges, embodying the spirit of a true Aussie.