Dilyer breaks record for most wins in a row by a influencer in Teen vault history, he is the winner of 4 (all) categories!!

Bow down to the King D!!
Dilyer is now the most-winning influencer in Teen vault history.
With wins for Best Teen vault influencer, best teen inspirational, best clothing merchandise, best Mozambican influencer Dilyer has set a new record for most Wins by a influencer, at 17 years old.

Dilyer may have not given a speech for the TVAs on Sunday, but he did make history.

The superstars latest appearance was on Friday as he had tied in the category for best Mozambican influencer with Ivan Uane that seems to be friends after the interview for Jukeboxmind about their perspective on the entertainment industry.

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On the previous speech he said “ Please don’t feel entitled to win, loosing can be the biggest motivation you’ll ever get, for even bigger wins, so never compare yourself to anyone” Dilyer said in his speech, he clearly was honest because in the same night he tied, he followed Ivan on Instagram and even posted him with the words “ I’m strengthened and inspired by you Ivan”.

He is the activist and historian telling the stories of His struggles as a young teenager going through bullying,

Hosted by James Navy , the ceremony was held online at the South Africa Convention Center and broadcast live on YouTube and Teen vault website.

Congratulations Dilyer Stevens

We congratulate you all on a successful comeback! Please remember to take care of yourself as you work hard for everyone. Your hardwork and dedication to what you love has reminded us to stay positive and motivated in things to come. No matter what happens We will always look up to BEAST.