Egyptian Designer Hany el-Behairy Honored by UNESCO in Paris Fashion Week 2023

The UNESCO Foundation in France recently honored Egyptian fashion designer Hany el-Behairy for his exceptional work in the Paris Fashion Week. He was recognized for his 15 years of participation in the Fashion Week, which has contributed to the success of the “Oriental Fashion Show.” The French-Algerian media presenter, Hana Ghezzar, praised el-Behairy, calling him a pride for Arabs and Egypt, and a pyramid in the world of international fashion.

In addition to el-Behairy, the name of the late Egyptian cosmetic expert, Mohamed al-Saghir, was also honored and his son, Mostafa received the prize on his behalf.

During the Paris Fashion Week 2023, held in an ancient Paris hotel, el-Behairy showcased his 35 soirée dresses and wedding dresses for the upcoming summer and spring of 2023. He was the only Egyptian among the major fashion houses, such as Dior, Chanel, Elie Saab, Valentino, and others.

Hany El-Behairy has been known for three consecutive years for designing the most expensive wedding dresses in the world. His first year’s dress was worn by artist Yousra el-Lawzy and was valued at $5 million. The second year’s dress was worn by Lebanese star Nicole Saba and was estimated at LE 200 million as it was studded with free diamonds. He has proven the capability of Egyptian fashion makers to captivate the world’s attention.