Emerging Artist, Kat Alyst, Making a Difference in the Industry

The art and fashion world may be colliding with a unique twist of styles according to teasers via social media from none other than “katinthecloudz”!

This artist is on the rise, making waves in more ways than one. Recently debuting her solo show earlier this year (“someone is trying to tell you something”), Kat Alyst is no stranger to storytelling of the beautiful and bizarre. With unique and saturated color palettes, the artist takes viewers on a cathartic journey through non-fictional worlds, guided by vulnerabilities and the once in a while, quirky universes. 

Though she may seem green in the art world, Alyst is in fact not green at all… well, maybe green in this photo if we are sticking to the facts (seen above), but otherwise, for years, have been paying dues throughout the entertainment and fashion industries. We have had our eye on the incredible catalyst for a year or so now, and have watched her grow and soar at a rapid rate over the course of 2020. 

If “Kat Alyst” is a new name for you, keep your eye on this one to watch. There are positive rumors around a fashion line possibly launching in the near future. Alyst and peers in the industry have been seen wearing artworks from recent works (sitttys) in custom designed pieces covered in the vibrant patterns created from images of the artist. Does this mean we will all have an opportunity to grab a garment with artworks created by this talent? Will Alyst be raising donations for humanitarian causes, as she is known to do in the past? Only time will tell we suppose… until then, keep your habits set on watching what Alyst is up to next!

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