Guillermo Moeller Shared His Journey From His Passion For Car Modification To A Successful Business In A Tell-All Interview

Guillermo Moeller founded Performance Customs, which stands tall in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, as one of the most significant shops for restoring and modifying vintage and off-road vehicles. His journey as a self-taught entrepreneur, turning his passion for car customization into a lucrative business, is filled with ups and downs and learnings in between. We sat down with Guillermo Moeller to understand what makes him successful in a niche industry like car modification.

Hello Mr. Guillermo Moeller. Today Performance Customs is one of the best-known workshops in Mexico. When we look at success, we often don’t realize the pain and suffering behind the journey to reach there. So let’s start from the beginning, right when you first realized your passion for cars.
Honestly speaking, as far as I remember, I have always loved cars. Maybe because I had access to the garage of my parent’s house, I started modifying cars with my first cousin, Jaime de la Garza, quite early. In 2010, I became serious about my hobby when renting a small workshop to turn it into a business. In the same year, I came in 3rd national place in the serial S4 Modified category 2010. After Jamie finished his professional studies in 2013, he approached with the idea of restoring classic cars that he owned. We partnered to grow the company, and in 2016, we re-opened performance Customers in its current location in Saltillo, Coahuila. I even participated n in Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Pickup Parade 2015, a year before. In 2019, we published the Performance Customers procedures manual. With time and hard work, our workshop earned a massive reputation as one of the best workshops in Mexico.

Your journey is inspiring for all the young entrepreneurs you are helping by sharing your knowledge via social media. With over 1.8 Million followers on Facebook, 117K subscribers on Youtube and 167K followers on Instagram, you have reached celebrity status in your industry. How this journey on social media started? 
Well, during the pandemic, all of us were facing enormous challenges. At that time, I felt the need to give our workshop more brand presence, plus I wanted to share valuable content with people, as I have always felt that in the field of car customization, even though there is a lot of interest, proper information was still not readily available, especially information that people can trust. Hence we started the journey on Social Media and it is our audience’s love that today, we have reached such massive milestones on Facebook,  Instagram and Youtube.

What’s next for Performance Customs?
I want to take Performance Customers to places that we never imagined before. Playing the game with an attitude never to give up is most important to me. I will keep doing what I love and share genuine and reliable information with my audience to help them grow with me.

Thank you, Mr. Moeller, for giving us your time and sharing your journey with us. Where can readers reach you?
You can find me on Instagram @guillermomoellermx and YouTube @GuillermoMoellerMX

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