Historic Moment as Miss Universe 2023 Welcomes Two Transwoman Contestants

In a groundbreaking move towards inclusivity and diversity, the Miss Universe Organization has announced that the upcoming 72nd Miss Universe competition in 2023 will feature two transwoman contestants, Marina Machete from Miss Portugal and Rikkie Kollé from Miss Netherlands. This historic decision marks a significant milestone in the pageant’s history and breaks barriers, allowing transwomen to compete for the coveted Miss Universe crown.

Marina Machete, representing Miss Portugal, has been candid about her challenges as a transgender individual. She expressed her deep gratitude for the unwavering support of her family in her journey as a transwoman. In a heartfelt video shared on the Portuguese pageant’s YouTube channel, Machete highlighted how love has triumphed over ignorance, underscoring her determination to shatter stereotypes and inspire others.

Rikkie Kollé, the delegate from Miss Netherlands, also shared her personal struggles as a transgender person. When asked by Miss Universe to describe herself, she chose the word “victory,” symbolizing her journey from overcoming challenges as a young boy to becoming a strong, empowering, and confident transwoman. In a powerful video, Kollé emphasized unity and self-empowerment, encouraging individuals not to give up on their dreams and to strive to be their best version.

The Miss Universe Organization has been on a journey of inclusivity and transformation. In 2012, they altered their rules to allow trans contestants to participate, heralding a more inclusive era. Over the years, the organization has continued to evolve, making further rule changes to promote diversity. Notably, women who are divorced, pregnant, or have children are now eligible to compete for the Miss Universe crown, breaking free from previous restrictions.

Moreover, the organization has ambitious plans to remove the age limit criteria starting in 2024, which will open the competition to adult women from around the world. This move showcases the Miss Universe Organization’s unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity and embracing a broader range of contestants, ensuring that the Miss Universe platform reflects the diversity and beauty of women from all walks of life.

As the world eagerly awaits the 72nd Miss Universe competition in 2023, the inclusion of two transwoman contestants and the organization’s continued dedication to breaking boundaries reinforce the pageant’s role in celebrating the strength and diversity of women worldwide. The potential crowning of a transwoman as Miss Universe would mark a historic moment, celebrating not just beauty but also the triumph of inclusivity and empowerment.