‘Covidiot’ influencers are facing bitter backlash for turning much-needed medical masks into BIKINIS in wasteful trend!

‘Covidiot’ influencers are slammed after they used much-needed face masks as bikinis, which named ‘quarankinis’.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many people have stocked up face masks to keep the virus at bay due to which many health workers around the world are left without essential protective equipment as a result.

When so many healthcare workers are already begging people to leave medical masks for the ones who really need them the most, a group of ‘covidiot’ influencers are recklessly turning those much-needed masks into a bikini for their selfies, which they are proudly flaunting on their Instagram.  

After taking part in such a shocking trend, these Influencers have sparked fury online. Instagram users have started backlashing these influencers in the process. Users are much annoyed.

Influencers who have posted pictures of themselves using face masks as bikinis, include, Russian influencer Yulia Ushakova, and Australian influencer Jade Marie.

The ‘quarankinis’ trend came just after the WHO (World Health Organization) asked healthy people for not wearing face masks as there is little or no evidence that they help and that they the healthcare workers and patients who test positive for COVID-19 need them more than anybody else.

On Wednesday, LA’s mayor addressed all four million of the city’s residents and said that they must wear masks at all times so that the spread of the coronavirus can be slowed down.

Well, whether people wear masks or not, there is point in turning the much-needed medical accessory into a bikini. This time is crucial and each decision that people make will impact others. It is absolutely senseless to turn the face masks into bikins just for taking selfies to flaunt among followers.