Jamel Baines Goes #1 Best seller On Amazon with his Entrepreneur Book “Entrepreneurial Drive”

Jamel Baines is the owner of the La Casa Company. Recently he published his book “Entrepreneurial drive”; How to develop the grit, drive, and hustle to make your entrepreneurial goals a success.

Entrepreneurial Drive – In his book, Jamel Baines encourages people to take the first step to be an entrepreneur. 

He further clarified; Everyone have their own reasons why they don’t take the first steps to starting a business. They make allowances for remaining in their current position while people are afraid and uncertain of their ability, a position that is safe and makes them feel confident. They sit where they are safe, they never take risks and are wretched all the time.

If you’re looking forward to starting your business and would like to take a walk in the entrepreneurial journey, this book will be your key. This book will help you learn what you need to know about starting your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are extremely fed up with your 9 to 5 job and are looking forward to making your business dreams a reality. This book will tell you all about developing the Grith, Drive and Hustle which will turn your Entrepreneurial venture into a success.

If you have been dreaming for a long time but still have not taken any step towards your goal. You are afraid you might lose, or you are just unsure about your abilities but don’t let that stop you, after all you won’t know until you try. It might sound easy in your mind but you’re afraid It will require many challenges that’s why, you just keep coming up with excuses to hide your worries. You take a step forward only to take a few steps backwards because you’re unsure about your business becoming a success, but this book will lift up your spirits.

Don’t think about the 49 percent business failing instead think about the 51 percent business companies turning into success and focus on that. Don’t waste your time focusing on the negative.

To succeed as an Entrepreneur your fist step will be to get rid of the negative mindset and overcome your excuses, your excuses are holding you back.

You will have to develop Grith, it is a belief which will help you conquer almost anything as long as you have the determination running in your veins. You have to win no matter the odds.

Grith is the power of every successful Entrepreneur and they were not born with it, rather they worked hard to achieve it and claim it as their own.

If you want to achieve Grith and claim it to start your entrepreneurial journey, this book is just right for you. 

About Author of the book;
The author of this masterpiece is Jamel Baines, and this book holds all you need to know about turning your business venture into a success.

Jamel Baines
Professionally, Jamel Baines is also an TV actor and Film producer, and produces an award winning film. In Los Angeles, where his latest project he facilitated on a full-length feature film with Master P, I Got the Hookup Part II, he also runs Jamel Baines Productions, as well as a short film, Going, Black. On Amazon, both are available for streaming.

Jamel Baines Said;  Hereby, I introduce you to a masterpiece “Entrepreneurial Drive: How to Develop the Grith, Drive, and Hustle to make your Entrepreneurial goals a success.”