Katrina Syran Stars in the Movie Adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s World Renowned Stage Play ‘The Lady from the Sea’

Starring Katrina Syran in the lead role, the film Ellida has received tremendous reviews from audiences. The viewers have been singing praises for the film and lauding the entire team for their remarkable job in bringing Henrik Ibsen’s classic to the modern era. Katrina, who straight after high school trained as an actress at prestigious drama schools; RADA & Guildhall School of Music & Drama, has been an established figure in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. With Ellida, she has achieved yet another milestone by becoming one of the leading Norwegian actresses of 2023 and winning the Best Actress award at the LA Sun Film Fest. She is also known by her stage name, K-Syran as a singer songwriter.

An unconventional tale defying all odds exploring the glass ceilings faced by women, Ellida is a movie adaption of the theater play The Lady from the Sea by the legendary 19th-century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. A tribute to one of the fathers of modernism in theater plays, his works back in the day caused quite a stir, challenging the setup dominated by few. It wasn’t until much later that his works started to garner due recognition.

The lead actress, hailing from the same country, expressed her sheer admiration for Henrik’s incredible writing, which was ahead of its time. Being part of a story she so passionately feels for, she shared in her latest interview with local media that it was her dream to play Ellida and produce this movie.

Katrina’s portrayal of Ellida in the movie highlights the struggles that women still face today. As Katrina transformed into a typical 19th-century European woman, she skillfully captured the mental and physical toll women goes through. She revealed that the character closely resembles a mix of personalities she regularly interacts with and even mentioned two of her friends who quickly mirrored the problems faced by Ellida. Their experiences and her own helped her understand the life of the character she played.

It is for the lengths to which Katrina went to be as close to Ellida as possible that her role has been praised immensely. With two male leads, the actress had fun with what she described as the most cooperative cast and crew she has ever encountered. ‘There were no big dramas. Everyone seemed so happy to be in this beautiful place, shooting an absolutely out-of-this-world movie. I believe James Ian Gray did a fantastic job with the stunning shots she shared. Before, she worked in the West End in London playing many lead parts and also was part of many mega musical projects and won international awards.

Ellida was featured at the Milan Gold Awards, winning in the category of Gold Award. This is one of the many awards that the film has received. The award-winning film directed by Leon Mitchell is available to stream on VUDU, with other leading digital platforms expected to release it soon. The media partner for the film’s distribution, Porter + Craig Film and Media, has been in talks with several other global platforms.

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