LA-based recording artist Trevour Amunga Releases New EP, Titled “For Akira”

Hip-hop artist Trevour Amunga has released his latest project, “For Akira,” which is now available on all major music platforms. Inspired by the anime Akira, it is a seven-song EP about adolescence and the challenges, aspirations, fear, and pleasures that come with it. Trevour’s snappy tunes set him apart from other artists, while his lyrical storytelling depicts the sublimity of love, drugs, ambitions, procrastination, fear, coveted dreams, and existentialism.

The EP is a brilliantly crafted work of artistry with exquisite quality, creative sound, and intriguing melodies; it is sure to earworm listeners. “For Akira” emphasizes his uniqueness and creativity, paving the way for him to build a solid foundation and influence in the music industry. In this project, he also collaborated with talented artists such as Gemaine Edwards, Luna Bands, Leo Ferro, and Josephine.

Trevour was born in Kenya but moved to the United States with his parents in 2008. Influenced by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, OutKast, Kanye West, Prince, and Sly, the fast-rising artist believes that their music and poetry have some freedom, which he actively seeks. Trevour began singing and writing songs at a young age. And in 2015, he made his first official recording and learned how to put what he writes into music.

“For Akira” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify. For information on Trevour Amunga‘s upcoming projects follow him on Instagram.