Meet Iraqi Artist Fareed See

Fareed Saad, known as Fareed See is a 23-year-old Iraqi artist. My interest in music started at the age of eighteen. I’ve tried a wide variety of genres, from heavy metal, alternative rock, and hip-hop to edem, R&B, and country music, hence my love for diversity. You can say that another reason to engage in music is that you feel that hip-hop music describes your daily life with different words and meanings. Hip Hop is the music that describes your condition, your daily life, etc.

Music is my diary and I do not condone recreating anything I talk about through my music. This is ONLY a way for me to share different aspects of my mind and an outlet for letting out how I feel like the person I truly am. I look forward to establishing a connection with people who can relate, or just enjoy the music. Whether you’re part of the misunderstood, the depressed, the anxious, or just a person going on with their day-to-day life. As long as I am able to establish that connection, I am fulfilling my dreams.

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