Mystery Girl Revealed: Meet Chandni Bainz, Ishaan Khatter’s New Love Interest

Ishaan Khatter, the talented Bollywood actor, has recently been making headlines for his mysterious new love interest. After his highly publicized breakup with actor Ananya Panday, it seemed that Ishaan took his time to heal and move forward in his personal life. Now, according to reports by TOI, Ishaan is reportedly in a relationship with Malaysian model Chandni Bainz, marking a new chapter in his love life.

A source close to Ishaan has confirmed this blossoming romance, revealing, “Ishaan and Chandni are quite serious about each other. He has even introduced her to his close circle of friends.” This newfound love appears to have sparked in June of this year, and the couple has been gradually growing closer ever since.

A few months ago, the news of their relationship first came to light when Ishaan was spotted enjoying a bike ride with a mysterious woman. While her identity was initially concealed under a helmet, later reports suggested that it was indeed Chandni Bainz accompanying the actor. As the news broke, curious netizens embarked on a quest to discover more about the Malaysian model, delving deep into her Instagram profile.

Image Credit: Instagram @chandnibainz

Interestingly, upon closer examination of Chandni Bainz’s Instagram photos, it becomes apparent that she resembles another Bollywood star, Tara Sutaria. The resemblance is evident in their facial features and even in their styles of posing.

Chandni Bainz: The Rising Star from Kuala Lumpur

Chandni Bainz, hailing from Kuala Lumpur, has established herself as a successful model and actor. She made her mark as the face of Sunsilk’s first global campaign, showcasing her versatility and talent in the modeling world. Her acting career has also seen significant strides, including appearances in a Singaporean TV drama titled ‘My Mother’s Story’ and a Malaysian TV series called ‘Ghaib.’ Her passion for the entertainment industry shines through as she aspires to become part of Netflix’s original movies or series.

In a previous interview with The Beauty Desk, Chandni expressed her dreams and aspirations. “I really love Netflix, and I just hope that I get lucky enough to star in one of their movies or shows,” she said. “Currently, I want to build a strong platform here in Malaysia that will be able to support me if I ever get a role in an international or national movie and/or series. I want to be one of the representatives to represent Malaysia in big international movie industries like Hollywood and/or Bollywood. I also have a goal to maybe direct or produce a movie one day, so let’s just hope for the best and see where things lead to.”

Chandni’s journey into modeling began at the remarkably young age of 11 when she hosted a show for RTM. Her early experiences provided her with valuable lessons and instilled in her the confidence to pursue a career in the performing arts. Her modeling career began at just 4 years old when she shot her first catalog. However, she took a break to prioritize her education before resuming her career.

Image Credit: Instagram @chandnibainz

As Chandni Bainz continues to make headlines, her unique blend of talent and ambition will captivate audiences in Malaysia and beyond. Her striking resemblance to Tara Sutaria adds an intriguing dimension to her budding popularity, leaving fans and industry insiders eagerly watching her journey unfold.