New Artist On The Rise You Should Look Out For SwazyTheBag

SwazyTheBag is a recording artist based out of Chicago. His music blends elements of Hip Hop, R&B and Pop all into one artistic palette. While he still touches on conscious subjects, he shows his versatility and unpredictability by being able to switch the mood of a room at any second With his amazing flows.

Heavily inspired by the works of Kanye West, Lil Baby, Nas, Lil Wayne, Migos SwazyTheBag has blended his influences to distinguish his own melodic style and delivery, creating a unique and intriguing experience for his listeners.

His goal for the future is to be able to bring the world together with the messages in his music as well as create a space where people can escape the world and turn up to his songs.

To know more about SwazyTheBag don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @swazythebag