Olivia Culpo’s Tennis Court Glamour and Beyond

As the warmth of spring begins to embrace us, Olivia Culpo, the former Miss Universe, graces our screens once again, flaunting her curves in a high-cut bikini on a tennis court. The 31-year-old model has recently launched a captivating collaboration with swimwear brand Montce Swim, introducing a collection that breathes new life into classic swimstyles with a playful twist.

Olivia Culpo Boyfriend

In partnership with her NFL star fiancé, Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers, Culpo is making waves in the fashion industry and health and wellness. Together, they’ve embarked on a journey to promote Bodyarmor’s zero-sugar drinks range, a testament to their commitment to a balanced lifestyle.

Their union, a modern romance story sparked by social media, culminated in a picturesque engagement last year during a Utah holiday. Despite their demanding careers, the couple radiates happiness, evident in their shared ventures and affectionate moments captured on social media.

Beyond her role as a model and influencer, Culpo has proven herself a versatile talent, gracing both the silver screen and reality TV. With appearances in Hollywood hits like “The Other Woman” and “I Feel Pretty,” as well as her starring role in “The Culpo Sisters” reality show alongside her siblings, Sophia and Aurora, she has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.

Image Credit: Instagram @oliviaculpo and @montce_swim

However, it’s not just her on-screen charisma that captivates audiences; Culpo’s fashion prowess has earned her recognition as a style icon. From glamorous red carpet appearances to chic street style moments, she effortlessly blends sophistication with trendsetting flair. Brands like L’Oreal and Uberliss have sought her out as a brand ambassador, testament to her influence in the fashion world.

As Culpo and McCaffrey plan their wedding, their journey together continues to inspire. Their combined star power and dedication to excellence make them a beacon of modern love and ambition. Culpo’s latest swimwear collection embodies this spirit, injecting a sense of fun and vibrancy into every piece.

Olivia Culpo Height

Olivia Culpo’s listed height varies slightly, but she’s reported to be around 5’6.5″ to 5’7″ tall.

Olivia Culpo Net Worth

  • Celebrity Net Worth puts her net worth at around $7 million 
  • HotNewHipHop estimates her net worth to be closer to $9 million in 2024 

Whether she’s gracing a magazine cover, walking down the runway, or enjoying a game of tennis in the sun, Olivia Culpo embodies the epitome of modern-day elegance and empowerment. As she continues to evolve her career and personal life, one thing remains certain: Olivia Culpo is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the court.