Ravoshia Means Business With New Mannequin Performance Style 101 Unveiling

It’s no question that Ravoshia is a true entertainer who aims to create meaningful and impactful content. As of late the singer has released a new video for “Mannequin Performance Style 101” unveiling more of what she can do as a performer; dancer and creative artist. She displays so much profound energy it’s almost like you can feel it bursting out of the screen at times.

Ravoshia shines the most in the second half of the visual, when she is in the red shades and it highlights two of her at the same time adding that unexpected spark of creativity. The colors being red and black gives it an edge that is both complex and rich in alignment with the performance’s aesthetic. Additionally, she delivered big time to the music “I Got Five On It” that the replay value is there. She deserves massive attention for this because it is a class act.