Rising Designer Creates New Punk Fashion brand

Delirium Dreaming is a Contemporary Fashion brand that specializes in dreamy prints with punk influences and streetwear silhouettes. Delirium Dreaming prides itself on being for the fashion icons and suburban rebels. The brand creates clothes that are different where people feel they can step out of their comfort zone.It is important to support individuality and that is What Delirium Dreaming represents.

Kasiah Harrison is the founder and designer of Delirium Dreaming is  a Junior  at Drexel University Majoring in Communication and Minoring in Retail.  after being inspired by the designers on Making the Cut. “I’ve always been a business person and a creative person so when I saw the Designers on Making the Cut making clothing and running a business it was inspirational so I bought an Ipad and started designing. I wanted to create clothes that I would wear and eventually it grew.”

Kasiah found the perfect balance between punk and street. Creating unique but wearable pieces for the everyday person is her goal. With the affordable price point this brand’s collections are a must have addition to any wardrobe.

The brand is currently working on it’s Venom Collection. Featuring their first fragrances. Venom and Bloom. Delirium Dreaming currently offers Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Skateboards and Home Decor.

Delirium Dreaming is a  brand for the Urban Fashion Icons and Suburban Rebels. Delirium Dreaming has grown so much over the past year Delirium Dreaming is on Urban Outfitters UO MRKT and has shown at New York Fashion Week.We have been worn by an Artist called Aries. Delirium Dreaming also has a collaboration coming with Shein in the Fall of 2022.

Delirium Dreaming is a brand for the everyday rebel, the urban fashionista or anyone who wants to try something different. Delirium Dreaming is expanding their product line with every release. Their Venom Collection is releasing July 16th 2022  at their South Philadelphia Pop Up then online July 23rd. So mark your calendars and save your coins because Delirium Dreaming is about to upgrade your wardrobe.