Savannah Suarez Takes on the Catwalk in Tape at New York Fashion Week

In a striking display of artistic expression and daring fashion, model Savannah Suarez made headlines by gracing the New York Fashion Week catwalk adorned in nothing but tape. The eye-popping show, part of the Black Tape Project’s runway presentation, showcased models draped in intricate designs crafted entirely from tape, leaving audiences in awe of their boldness and creativity.

Savannah, hailing from New Jersey, took center stage at the prestigious event, marking her third appearance for the renowned Black Tape Project. The brainchild of photographer Joel Alvarez, the project pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion by transforming tape into wearable art, challenging perceptions of nudity and modesty.

The concept of the Black Tape Project first gained attention in 2018, with models adorned in cuffs, anklets, nipple coverings, and g-strings crafted from tape. However, this year’s show presented an even bolder iteration, with models sporting minimal tape over their breasts, legs, and other areas.

What makes Savannah’s journey into tape modeling particularly noteworthy is the unexpected source of encouragement: her father. It was her father who initially introduced her to the brand, having come across an article about the project and proposing the idea to Savannah. Despite initial hesitations due to the perceived “negative terms” associated with such revealing looks, Savannah’s parents played a pivotal role in shifting her perspective, emphasizing the parallels between tape designs and conventional swimwear.

Image Credit: Instagram @savannah.isabella

Reflecting on her decision to participate, Savannah acknowledges the unwavering support of her family, including her open-minded father who attended her first show alongside her mother. While unconventional, Savannah’s experience underscores the importance of familial support and open communication in pursuing one’s passions and embracing unique opportunities.

The process of tape modeling, while visually stunning, also raises questions about comfort and practicality. Savannah sheds light on the meticulous preparation involved, with each model receiving a tailored design based on their body. Additionally, measures are taken to ensure modesty and minimize discomfort, including the use of a “p**** patch” for private areas and the application of oil and lotion to ease tape removal post-show.

Despite the sensational nature of the Black Tape Project, it’s important to recognize its artistic merit and the creative vision of its founder, Joel Alvarez. Through his innovative approach to fashion, Alvarez challenges conventional norms and celebrates the beauty of the human form in all its diversity.

As Savannah Suarez and her fellow tape-clad models captivate audiences with their daring display of self-expression, they remind us of the power of fashion to provoke thought, spark conversation, and push boundaries. The Black Tape Project serves as proof of the limitless possibilities of artistic expression and the beauty of embracing individuality.