Stunning, Cinematic Debut Single from NOANNE

Emerging from the enigmatic lands, NOANNE is an artist whose melodious tales paint vivid landscapes of raw emotions and unconventional perspectives. She weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, drawing listeners into her realm of introspection and self-discovery. In a world where conformity reigns, NOANNE stands as a delightful enigma, finding solace and inspiration within her introverted nature. The stages of theater, the reels of film, the realms of music and the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) become her sanctuary, where she sheds the veil of self-consciousness and steps into the spotlight of pure artistic expression. It is through these immersive artistic mediums that she reveals her true essence, leaving no corner of her soul unexplored. 

The birth of NOANNE’s debut single, “Goodwill,” in 2020 marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. However, it was in 2022 that the single took on a truly mind-blowing image when American producer Gregory Darling lent his soulful touch to the track. The song’s serene beginning belies the storm that awaits, as it builds to an explosive chorus that resonates deeply within the listener’s soul. The dynamics of the music, coupled with heartfelt lyrics, captivate the mind and seep into the hearts of listeners.

Starting as a love story, the track takes a unique twist. The songwriter shares, “The lyrics of my song hint at this, expressing a sentiment along the lines of, “Would you notice something that I did for you?” This rhetorical question implies that you likely didn’t notice, despite the grandness of the gesture. If you fail to see my white shadows on your black wall, then you are truly oblivious. The lyrics go on to contrast this with minor details that I’ve noticed, such as your last glance at me.” Sonically inspired by Sharon Kovacs, whose atmospheric music nods to a theatrical world, where each note tells a tale and each rhythm paints a scene, “Goodwill” emits an eerie, melancholy vibe, hypnotising the listener with its Chinese mandolin sound. 

NOANNE’s encounter with a music video director Sasha Needmor in Tbilisi, Georgia, who shared her enthusiasm for these artistic intersections, solidified her determination to blend film, theatre, music, and AI in her artistic endeavors. With a profound attachment to Georgia, NOANNE embarked on discussions with several prominent productions in Tbilisi to bring the “Goodwill” music video to life. Amid numerous treatments, it was the team led by director Sasha NeedMor and producer Sonya Sepmanson who unveiled an extraordinary storyline for the single.The video production, which took place over three days in November 2022, involved a dedicated crew of over 15 people and approximately 50 hours of shooting. The resulting visual masterpiece perfectly encapsulates the belief and personal attachment of all involved, a testament of genuine good will and artistic success contrasting with the main message of “Goodwill” single itself : “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” . The cinematic masterpiece is truly mesmerising. From the plot and the artistic shots, to the stunning costumes and unique setting, it is an ode to the songwriter’s love for theatre, giving us a glimpse into her other love of acting. 

You can connect with NOANNE on Instagram @this_is_noanne, Facebook @Noanne, YouTube @this_is_noanne, Twitter @this_is_noanne and TikTok @this_is_noanne