Sydney Sweeney and Frankies Bikinis: A Match Made in Beachwear Heaven

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has been making waves on social media with her latest campaign for Frankies Bikinis. The actress and designer Francesca Aiello were seen wearing matching cherry-print bikinis, posing suggestively in the backseat of a vintage black car. The photoshoot was eye-catching, with both women sporting soft waves in their hair, deep red lip gloss, and rhinestone-encrusted hoop earrings.

Image Credit: Instagram @sydney_sweeney

Frankies Bikinis is a female-led beachwear and lifestyle brand known for its inclusive range of styles created for women of all shapes and sizes. The mother and daughter duo, Mimi and Francesca Aiello, began designing bikinis out of their Malibu home in 2012 and have since built the brand into an internationally recognized company. The brand has worked with Gigi Hadid, Naomi Osaka, Hailee Steinfeld, and Sofia Richie, among others.

The Sydney Sweeney x Frankies Bikinis collection is inspired by the girl who follows her heart, with pieces that highlight Sweeney’s “gorgeous femininity and sweet romantic aura.” Speaking about the collection, Francesca Aiello said she was also inspired by her love of the water, having grown up on the water, always running around in a bikini. She added that she wanted to create something that truly felt like her, and with Sweeney and her incredible company, they created something special.

The Fifty-Fifty Films founder, who is engaged to Jonathan Davino, said that she likes to highlight femininity with her designs. The new line dropped on March 14 and includes ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, athleisure wear, and clean beauty. Sweeney previously wore clothing from Frankies Bikinis on her hit HBO series, Euphoria, while portraying Cassie Howard.

Sweeney has been making a big splash on social media with her latest campaign for Frankies Bikinis. She was seen in a skimpy white and pink monokini with kiss marks all over it, adding white thigh-high lace stockings and pale pink high heels. She was also seen in a dark blue lingerie set with black thigh-high stockings while in a bedroom to plug the collaboration. In a video uploaded to the company’s Instagram, the two-time Emmy nominee can be seen posing in her sexy bikini as well as a pearl necklace layered over a pink cross.

In a recent interview, Sweeney revealed that she had felt embarrassed by her body while growing up. She never wanted to change in the locker room and felt ostracized for having boobs before other girls. However, she played every sport, studied hard, and did everything that people wouldn’t think she would do, to show them that her body doesn’t define who she is.