Tata Technologies IPO: A Potential Wealth Creator for Investors, says Market Veteran

The Tata Group is gearing up for another major initial public offering (IPO), following in the footsteps of the immensely successful TCS IPO, which delivered substantial returns to investors. Ambareesh Baliga, a respected figure in Dalal Street, expresses optimism about the upcoming IPO of Tata Technologies. In an exclusive interview with Business Today TV, Baliga shared his insights on why he believes Tata Tech’s IPO will likely receive a robust response from investors, even in the face of market fluctuations.

The investment community has been eagerly expecting Tata Technologies’ IPO for some time now, and Baliga acknowledges the buzz surrounding this forthcoming offering. While refraining from speculating on pricing, valuations, or issue size, he believes the IPO could launch at any moment. This IPO marks Tata Group’s first primary stake sale in nearly two decades since the monumental TCS IPO.

Tata Technologies’ IPO generates notable interest for several reasons, including its unique offer structure. Baliga suggests that potential investors should consider purchasing Tata Motors shares to qualify for the Tata Technologies IPO’s shareholders quota. This dual application approach allows individuals to apply as both shareholders and the general public, offering an opportunity for increased allocation.

Baliga predicts that allocating shares for Tata Motors shareholders will positively impact the company. While this move may not necessarily lead to a substantial increase in Tata Motors’ market capitalization, it is expected to be sentimentally favourable. Investors can continue to hold a portion of Tata Motors shares while potentially benefitting from the IPO.

TCS, a Tata Group company, delivered significant returns to investors and is currently one of Dalal Street’s most highly valued companies. Baliga expresses confidence that Tata Technologies has the potential to follow suit and become the next wealth creator for investors.

He advises potential investors to maintain a long-term perspective, considering holding their Tata Technologies shares for five to ten years. Baliga also emphasizes that Tata Technologies should not be directly compared to other Tata Group companies like TCS or Tata Elxsi, as each firm operates in distinct niches within the industry.

TCS primarily specializes in software services, whereas Tata Technologies focuses on product development and digital solutions, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Tata Elxsi, another Tata Group company, provides design-led digital engineering and technology development services. Each of these companies has carved out its own niche and operates in different segments.

Tata Technologies’ IPO allocation will reserve 50 percent for qualified institutional bidders, with non-institutional investors (NIIs) and retail investors receiving 15 percent and 35 percent, respectively. Leading financial institutions, including JM Financial, Citigroup Global Markets India, and BofA Securities India, will manage the issue, while Link Intime India will serve as the registrar for this highly anticipated IPO.