The New Look In Wholesale Costume Jewelry Trends for This Season

The world of fashion jewelry is always evolving with new trends and styles. As we move into the current season, there are some key looks that are hot in wholesale costume jewelry right now. Whether you’re looking to stock up your boutique or add some on-trend pieces to your own personal collection, being aware of what’s new can help guide your buying decisions. In this blog post, we’ll break down the top trends dominating the wholesale costume jewelry market for the season ahead.

Oversized Attention-Grabbing Statement Earrings

One of the biggest trends this season is all about going big and bold with your earrings. Oversized attention-grabbing statement earrings are must-have pieces, with large, dramatic silhouettes that lend an eye-catching wow factor to any outfit. Extra-large chandelier styles, bold geometric shapes, and abstract art-inspired designs are all having a major moment right now in dramatic statement earrings. If you are buying wholesale costume jewelry earrings, look for pieces that are at least 2 inches or larger in length for maximum visual impact. Abstract shapes and bold artistic designs are especially on-trend – think chunky circles, ovals, triangles, crescents, and abstract modernist arcs. Go for bolder metals like gold, silver, gunmetal, or rose gold for earrings that won’t get overlooked.

Mixed-Length Layered Statement Necklaces

Layering necklaces and chains is an easy way to get a trendy, put-together look when accessorizing. The layered necklace trend shows no signs of slowing down this season. When you buy layered statement necklaces wholesale, opt for a variety of lengths and materials that complement each other. Mixing metals, like pairing silver and gold chains together, is very on-trend. You’ll also want necklaces in an assortment of lengths, from tight chokers to longer, mid-length chains. Add unique charms like moons, circles, hearts, coins, or initials to some of the chains for extra visual interest. Go for a stack of 3-5 layered necklaces of varying lengths for the most fashion-forward statement.

Vibrant Jewel Tone Colored Statement Pieces

Rich, luxurious jewel tone colors are dominating the costume jewelry wholesale trends right now. Look for vivid statement pieces like cocktail rings, cuffs, and bold chandelier earrings in deep emerald green, royal purple, ruby red, sapphire blue, and amber orange. When sourcing wholesale fashion jewelry, search for eye-catching, colorful pieces in these opulent, striking gemstone shades. Pairing a vibrant jewel-toned jewelry piece with a neutral outfit lets the accessory truly stand out. Sapphire blue is an especially big color for the season, lending a refined, elegant vibe.

Nature-Inspired Organic Motifs

There’s an earthy, bohemian-inspired vibe happening in jewelry this season with organic, plant-based shapes and motifs. Leaf outlines, wood grain textures, flower silhouettes and natural stone accents are popular for elevating basic jewelry designs. When looking for costume jewelry wholesalers, keep an eye out for pieces with vine, leaf, flower, insect and butterfly motifs. Botanical patterns and organic lines and shapes feel fresh and connect to the enduring bohemian trend. Wood-based materials like bamboo, cork, sandalwood and rattan are also increasingly being used for an earthy appeal.

Chunky, Attention-Grabbing Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

The ’90s are back in jewelry trends this season, with chunky, attention-grabbing curb chains and choker necklaces making a comeback. The bold, noticeable silhouette of an oversized chunky chain necklace adds an on-trend edge to any outfit. When sourcing wholesale chunky chain necklaces and bracelets, look for thicker statement links in metals like gold, silver, gunmetal or black. Curb chain links with a rounded ridge shape are especially popular for their retro vibe. Layer a chunky choker necklace with a looser, longer chain for extra visual interest. Chunky gold chains also pair perfectly with the other major ’90s throwback jewelry trend – nameplate necklaces.

Customizable Engraved Nameplate Necklaces

Personalized nameplate necklaces first became popular in the 1990s and they’re back again as a nostalgic trend today. Customizable engraved nameplate necklaces are fun, personalized accessories that make a great addition to any wholesale costume jewelry collection. Look for nameplates in block lettering, italic scripts or stylized fonts for different looks. Gold and silver metals are ideal for showing off engraved or embossed names. Nameplate necklaces are often worn layered with chains for a stacked, on-trend look. Initial pendants and charm necklaces are also great alternatives to full name nameplates.

Geometric Shapes and Angles Jewelry

Geometry continues to be a strong jewelry trend, with lines, circles, squares, triangles and 3D shapes lending eye-catching geometric appeal. On-trend geometric jewelry styles include pyramid studs, rectangle drop earrings, orb pendants, and cuff bracelets with triangular motifs. 3D extruded geometric shapes add depth and sophistication to simple stud earrings and pendant settings. When buying geometric pieces from costume jewelry wholesalers, you will want to look for asymmetry and irregular shapes for a modern vibe. Mixing metals, like pairing rose gold and silver geometric earrings, is also a fresh look for the season.

Updated Hoop Earrings Silhouettes

Hoop earrings remain a perennial favorite, but this season we’re seeing updated hoop silhouettes and dimensions for a contemporary twist. Oversized hoops continue to dominate ear candy trends, while skinny hoops offer a minimalist vibe. Sculptural, asymmetrical hoops are also increasingly popular for their artsy edge. When buying hoops wholesale, you will want to source a range of fashionable earrings wholesale styles – from dainty mini hoops to bold 80s-inspired mega hoops. Updated hoop shapes like hexagons, triangles and squircles also tap into the geometric trend. Hoops that incorporate dangling charms, pearls or other accents are great for added intrigue.

Multi-Chain Statement Pieces

Multi-chain designs that incorporate several decorative chains or bands into one showstopping statement piece are having a major moment right now. Necklaces, chokers, bracelets and even body chains with multiple woven metallics lend eye-catching shine and texture. When sourcing costume jewelry, wholesalers look for multi-chain statement styles for the neck, wrist, and waist. Go for a mix of metals like golden, silver, rose gold and gunmetal interlinking chains. Pearls and gemstone accents help dress up the multi-chain look. These statement pieces pair perfectly with plain t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses.

Nostalgic 80s and 90s-Inspired Paperclip Chains

Continuing 2022’s love for all things nostalgic, paperclip chain necklaces and bracelets are back in vogue this season. The ’80s and ’90s-inspired paperclip chain look features slender linked metal pieces that create a flexible, bendable silhouette. Yellow gold and silver are perfect metal colors for sourcing wholesale paperclip chain jewelry. Look for smaller, daintier chains that can be layered together for a stacked effect. Paperclip chains also often incorporate charm accents or pendants for added intrigue. The adjustable length and movement of paperclip chains make them comfortable statement pieces to wear.

Mystical Celestial Motifs Like Stars, Moons and Suns

Look to the heavens for inspiration this season, with celestial bodies like stars, moons and suns adorning stylish jewelry designs. Celestial motifs represent a dreamy, magical aesthetic that appeals to our inner childlike wonder. When buying wholesale, look for crescent moon pendants, starburst studs, sunburst rings, and zodiac constellation necklaces. These cosmic and astrology-inspired pieces feel mystical and elegant. Go for metallics like rich golds, rosé golds, shimmering silvers and gunmetal blacks to elevate celestial jewelry. Add some galactic sparkle to your accessories game with these cosmically cool picks!

With these top 10 trends dominating the wholesale costume jewelry market for the season ahead, you can refresh your selection with fun and fabulous on-trend statement pieces. Jewelry is the easiest way to make any outfit feel current. Follow these trends when sourcing new arrivals to delight your customers with fresh and affordable designer-inspired adornments. To shop the latest jewelry styles, check out leading online fashion jewelry stores like BaubleBar, JewelryBund, Stella & Dot, Gorjana, and Kendra Scott. At JewelryBund, you’ll discover thousands of wholesale costume jewelry finds at unbeatable factory prices, making it easy to stock up on all the season’s best trends. Their wide assortment of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more are perfect for individuals and boutiques looking to stay ahead of the trends.