Top 3 Organic Makeup Brands For You To Shop

To have a natural-looking glossy skin is every women’s desire. But often, the products that you use contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin and lead to several problems like acne and pigmentation. Following are the three organic makeup brands you would want to shop from:

1. 100% PURE

The products are USDA certified, consisting essentially of the best quality ingredients. Founded by Susie Wang, the Chief Creative of 100% Pure, the brand uses all-natural, toxin-, paraben-, sulfate-free elements. Its natural facial scrubs, cleansers and masks remove all sort of dirt from your face and make it glowing. It is a one-stop-shop for all-natural cosmetics you require.


 More than two decades ago, founded by Jenefer Palmer, OSEA provides a skincare collection that is safe and healthy for your body and is eco-friendly. All their products are made of plant-derived, gluten-free ingredients. OSEA’s products are beneficial for the natural nourishment of your skin.

3. True Botanicals

Founded by Hillary Peterson, True Botanical is an award-winning skincare brand, which uses wild crafted and no synthetic ingredients in their products. They use nature’s most antidotal and very best ingredients and nutrients. You can even find the products suitable for you, with the skincare quiz they offer.